Your Floral Nectar membership automatically registers you into our affiliate program

 The affiliate program is where you as a member get to earn a commission of 10% from anybody you refer for a Floral Nectar membership that results in an order

The commission to you is payed every time the member orders

This means YOU as an affiliate member receive referral commissions for life from the member!

To begin receiving your commissions please follow these few simple steps:


Step 1). First you must create a membership account with Floral Nectar.


***Medical cannabis recommendation is not required to become a affiliate member***


Step 2).  You must have a PayPal account.

(Cash and Store credit payments are available for members in Santa Barbara and Goleta)


                       Step 3). Register your PayPal email address with your Floral Nectar profile .  This allows floral nectar to deposit commission earnings into your PayPal account on the 1st and 15th of every month.  

(Excluding national holidays in which case Floral Nectar will make the commission deposit the next available fiscal business day.)

(Cash and Store credit payments are available for members in Santa Barbara and Goleta)


Step 4). Share your unique URL link with those who are searching for quality lab tested medicine and watch your commissions roll in.

Not only will you receive your 10% commission every time that member makes an order, that new member will now have access to quality medicine and they too can refer others with their membership URL and make a lifelong 10% commission of their own.

Once completed you can enter your Affiliate Dashboard for your personal affiliate link Url and campaign management options

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