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What is Floral Nectar?

We extract Floral Nectar by removing the beneficial compounds of cannabis materials using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as the solvent, and then applying heat, and pressure and the results are the cleanest, and very concentrated cannabis extract. Many cannabis strains have a variety of compounds that support our health and well being, CBD and THC are the most common and highly sought after canabanoids.

What is the best way to use your oil?

Floral Nectar oil may be ingested in a variety of ways:

  • Vaped
  • Dabbed
  • Given orally under the tongue

What battery is compatible with the cartridges?

We offer a push button battery compatible with our 510 thread cartridges. However, if you already have your own battery, most will work with our carts. We do not recommend automatic draw batteries.

How do I operate my cartridge and battery?

  • Fully charge your push-button battery.
  • Screw on your cartridge.
  • Push the button five times to turn it on/off.
  • Prime the cartridge by holding the button down for 1-2 seconds before puffing.
  • Puff!
  • After 12 seconds the battery will blink and shut down. Rest the cartridge for 10-20 seconds between uses.
  • Enjoy.

If my cartridge is not functioning properly, what do I do?

Make sure it is fully charged. If it is blinking, verify it is fully charged. If you still aren’t getting a proper connection, unscrew the cartridge and battery and verify the threads on the cartridge and connector plate in the battery are clean and then re-screw the cartridge into the battery. If the cartridge still isn’t functioning properly, please take it back to where you originally got it. We will be happy to replace it for you.

Can I refill my Floral Nectar Vape Cartridge? 

It is possible to refill a cartridge. However, we cannot guarantee the performance of a cartridge that has been refilled.

How should I store my medicine for best use?

The best way to store your Floral Nectar products are to keep them in a cool, dark place away from light, air, and heat.

Is CO2 Extraction a proven method? 

CO2 extraction process is a proven technology, technically because it uses carbon dioxide in its liquid state (under high pressure) to dissolve and separate the beneficial cannabis compounds from the inert plant material. It is a relatively new innovation for cannabis extraction, but is quickly becoming a favorite among medical marijuana enthusiasts because of its unsurpassed safety and purity. That’s why we love it!

Is it pure and safe?

CO2 is incredibly safe as it is the gas we breathe out through our lungs and essential food for plants.  CO2 is a completely natural, non-toxic and non-reactive compound.  It won’t burn or react with the cannabis compounds it extracts, and it doesn’t leave behind residue. The result is a beautiful, transparent amber oil.

What is the difference from Butane?

In contrast, BHO (Butane Honey Oil) extraction is the process of using Butane to extract oil from cannabis. It was the first, and most crude way to extract hash oil from cannabis because it’s cheap and can be done with very little machinery, but it is not an ideal solvent. Most importantly, it is very unhealthy because butane can potentially leave behind toxic heavy metals in the finished product, which we find very alarming!

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